​​Board and Administration

The Global Gateways Board of Directors

Global Gateways Lux Holdco S.A. Board Members:

Chairman of the Board: Jørn B. Jacobsen 
Secretary of the board: Robert Cunild
Alvaro Simon de Blas
is a ​doctor of economics from the University of Malaga, President of European Business & Innovation Centers Network, General manager of BIC Euronova since 1993. President of ANCES. Former associate at Lloyds Bank and associate professor at the University of Malaga. 

Devon Nixon
is the CEO SoilTap China, a provider of sustainable soil solutions and holds a MBA CEIBS, China.

Donald A. ​Nixon
serves/served as CEO for wind farms in California, a dual-axis high concentration solar generator vendor, bio-accelerators to create sustainable soils, and ​herbal derived immune system modulators.

Jørn B. Jacobsen​
is the founder and CEO of Global Gateways Lux HoldCo SA, and is an expert on renewable energies, as well as the financing and risk management of energy projects. He is educated as a systems engineer at the Stavanger School of IT in Norway, and he has excelled as an inventor and businessman.  He was the Founder of InCite Digital Media, a member of the TV2 Norway IT Architecture Group, and he invented the open media platform in collaboration with IBM, and is the owner and licensor of fourteen patents.  Jørn is also highly experienced in mergers and acquisitions.  He currently commits all of his efforts towards environmental issues such as climate change, which has led to him recently inventing the carbon negative lifecycle, with his main areas of expertise in the renewable sector including carbon negative waste to energy, wind  and solar.
Robert Cunild
is educated from University of Southern Denmark, holds a Master in International Marketing. ​



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