​​​​Company Finances​
Global Gateways S.A. - is a company group (“GG”) is a privately owned company that develops solutions that are CARBON NEGATIVE within the Waste-to-Energy sector.

The Company owns, acquires and develops intellectual designs, patents and energy resources and owns and licenses several patents and further intellectual property in relation to clean and renewable energy.

We also provide a microbe based soil enhancement products under the brand name SoilTap, they are manufactured to promote a diverse and dense microbial community by supplying the foods beneficial microbes require.​

Update 1st of June 2015;
The holding company Global Gateways Lux HoldCo S.A, with Luxembourg registration number B194552, its general audit report shows the share capital including share premium of  546 Million.  The registered sharecapital is € 60 Million divided into 10 share classes.​Total Assets show  555 Million, debt is  1,5 Million. Our Integrated Financial Report dated 30th of April 2015 is available upon request, please email administration (at) globalgateways.eu to request your copy.

The company is privately owned by the founding members. Jørn Jacobsen is the majority shareholder, with the key board members owning the remaining balance of shares with a fairly even spread.




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