Over $ 10 trillion will be invested in green technology by the year 2020.


Over the last years the world has invested more money in clean energy than it did in fossil fuels, we have finally reached a point where, technology innovation, financial markets and government policies are converging to create a robust clean energy economy. According to the Green Transition Scoreboard report since 2007 over $ 5.2 trillion has been invested in green investments and is expected to reach over $ 10 trillion by 2020.

Divesting from fossil fuels is consistent with fiduciary responsibility because investing in fossil fuels is becoming a very risky choice. Fossil fuel companies do not have the most promising future when the world starts to take climate change seriously.

With the above in mind Global Gateways has founded Global Environmental Funds, which offer a series of investment funds suitable for family offices, pension funds and qualified high net worth individuals, which are guided by the following principles:

Long term stable returns with low risk

Low correlation with traditional asset classes

Measurable sustainable environmental impact

We invite you to visit the website in the link below and study the story behind each of the individual funds in detail, the objective in every single fund, is that once preferred investors have received their fixed returns, a high proportion of the remaining returns is committed to fund projects with an environmentally sustainable impact and created by our foundation.


Global Environmental Funds



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