​​​​​The Team

Administration Management

Jørn B. Jacobsen, CEO (46)
Email: joern @ globalgateways.eu
Education: System engineer, Stavanger School of IT in Norway
Previous positions: Founder of InCite Digital Media. Key team member of TV2 Norway IT Architecture Group, a group that grew later to a company that today bear the name VizRt.
Present position: GG S.A.
Experience: Mr. Jørn B. Jacobsen is the founder and CEO of Global Gateways Lux HoldCo SA, and is an expert on renewable energies, as well as the financing and risk management of energy projects. He is educated as a systems engineer at the Stavanger School of IT in Norway, and he has excelled as an inventor and businessman.  He was the Founder of InCite Digital Media, a member of the TV2 Norway IT Architecture Group, and he invented the open media platform in collaboration with IBM, and is the owner and licensor of fourteen patents.  Jørn is also highly experienced in mergers and acquisitions.  He currently commits all of his efforts towards environmental issues such as climate change, which has led to him recently inventing the carbon negative lifecycle, with his main areas of expertise in the renewable sector including carbon negative waste to energy, wind  and solar.

Robert Cunild, CO-CEO​​ (44)
Email: robert @ globalgateways.eu
Education: Master of International Marketing, University of Southern Denmark. Copenhagen
Present position: GG S.A.
Experience: Majority owner of several local companies in Spain.
Jens O. Jacobsen, Advisor to the board of directors.
Email: jens @ globalgateways.eu
Education: Master of Science, Royal Norwegian Navy
Present position: GG S.A.
Previous positions: Advisor to Government Agency, Abu Dhabi, Head of environmental protection ADCO (Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Oil). Energy Conservation Manager, BPX Europe. Head of R&D, BP Norway. Senior System Engineer, Teleplan A/S.
Donald Nixon, Business Development, 
Email: donaldnixon @ globalgateways.eu
Education: University of California San Diego, San Fernando State University
Present position: GG S.A.
Experience: Owner/operator Wind Farms, former owner Solar Generator group, Owner Herbal Nutraceuticals production, former Owner/operator Mining operations, former exe. assistant to Chairman of Global Banking and finance group, Owner, entities which manufacture, market and deliver herbal bio-accelerator neutraceutical products; SoilTap Inc., microbial bio-accelerators to increase food and forest speed of growth and harvests using less to no fertilizers globally.
Roberto Merino Perez, CFO (39)
Email: robertomp @ globalgateways.eu
Education: MBA at IE Business School. Civil Engineer at University of Granada.
Present position: GG S.A.
Previous positions: Financial Consultant at IE Business School. CEO and project Manager at BSK.
Devon Nixon, Business Development (38)
Email: devonnixon @ globalgateways.eu
Education: China Europe International School (CEIBS), China, Masters of Business Administration; Emory University, Goizueta School of Business, U.S.A., BA with concentration in Finance.
Present position: GG S.A., Member of Board. SoilTap China, CEO
Experience: DFJ Dragon Fund, (China). Secure Horizons - UnitedHealth Group (U.S.A.) Project Manager & Product Development. CEIBS MBA (China). CEO AirX Chile. Pedego, Inc quality control. CEO SoilTap China providing bio-accelerators for agriculture in Asia.

Administrative & Representative - Key Contact Personnel

Ildefonso Gonzalez Montero, team leader, engineering (39)
Email: Ildefonsogm @ globalgateways.eu​​
Education: Industrial Engineer at University of Cordoba, Spain 
Present position: GG S.A.
Previous positions: Director, Gedeon as technical manager of the areas of engineering, environment, training and civil works. Project management and site manager on major projects. Permitted, engineered erected and managed >1,7 GW in energy projects.

Monica Mlenas, finance and accounting GG group (30)
Email: MonicaM @ globalgateways.eu
Education: MBA, University of London, London School Of Economics 
Present position: GG S.A.

Frank J. Dostalek, Lead engineer Solar.
Email: frank @ globalgateways.eu
Education: Bachelors Degree, Industrial Engineering, University of Omaha, Omaha, Nebraska, U.S.A
Present position: GG S.A.
Previous positions: Professional Accomplishments: Managed high-concentration photovoltaic (HCPV) R&D program at the Electric Power Research Institute (“EPRI”), designing, developing and transferring laboratory solar cell technology into a semiconductor manufacturing environment, thus creating the world’s highest performance commercial solar cell. Received world recognition in 1994, the "R&D 100 Award," for excellence in technological development of high concentration photovoltaics. Designed, installed and started up a state-of-the-art HCPV solar cell manufacturing facility for complete silicon wafer and solar cell fabrication with annual production capability of 100MW.

Berta Vichera Moreno, team leader, chemistry (38)
Email: bertavm @ globalgateways.eu
Education: Master in Chemical Engineering, University of Huelva, Spain
Present position: GG S.A.

Andres Toril Sanchez, team leader, mechanical engineering (39)
Email: andrests @ globalgateways.eu
Education: Master in Mechanical Engineering, Degree in Industrial Engineering, University of Malaga, Spain
Present position: GG S.A.



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