About us

Global Gateways creates innovative solutions to provide opportunities and strengthen resilience to social, economic, health and environmental challenges facing the planet. As a consequence of our objectives, in all our tasks and endeavors, Global Gateways concentrates on global needs, results and impact to and for individuals and governments – the difference we would like to make in lives, people, and the world — Central to our goals is belief that promoting and conducting actions to counteract the devastating effects of climate change on humanity is paramount.

​Global Gateways prides itself in developing and promoting solutions which are both more economically and environmentally sustainable than alternative practices today. All our actions are based on the need to remove CO2 from the atmosphere in order to rise to the challenge of climate change facing the world today. This philosophy is reflected in our statements; Mission Goal and Vision

Organizational Structure

The GG management team brings together a broad range of relevant industry experience and in-depth knowledge of business strategy and top level management. Our key personnel have sufficient experience to undertake our current agenda and draws on extensive experience from key technical and commercial business processes.


The principal role of the Board of Directors is to determine the key strategies of Global Gateways and its subsidiaries, and to ensure that these strategies are implemented, meetings are held on a monthly basis.

Company Finances

Global Gateways S.A. - is a company group (“GG”) is a privately owned company established in 2009 that develops solutions that are CARBON NEGATIVE, specializing in the Wind to Energy and Waste-to-Energy sector. The Company owns, acquires and develops intellectual designs, patents and energy resources and owns and licenses several patents and further intellectual property in relation to clean and renewable energy.


Global Gateways governance practices are described here in, including: the Charter, Social Investing Guidelines, the Code of Conduct, and the Whistle Blower Policy, all of which have been approved by the Board.


What can be more rewarding than belonging to a company which is passionate about protecting the environment, reversing climate change and leaving a better legacy for our children?


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Global Gateways (GG) is an international company with locations in Luxembourg, UK, USA, Germany, Spain, China and Ghana.

Global Gateways Lux Holdco S.A. is the holding company which manages and coordinates business activities across the group, with constant investment in research efforts taking place in order to achieve our goals directed at developing and investing in solutions towards combating climate change.



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