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Global Gateways prides itself in developing and promoting solutions which are both more economically and environmentally sustainable than alternative practices today. All our actions are based on the need to remove CO2 from the atmosphere in order to rise to the challenge of climate change facing the world today. This philosophy is reflected in our statements below.

Mission: To combat climate change by converting local waste resources to carbon negative solutions, by creating a value chain of solutions focused upon waste treatment, renewable energy production, and agricultural productivity enhancement and forestry restoration projects.

Goal: The world needs to reduce atmospheric CO2 levels at the giga ton level by 2050, our aim is to lead by example in order to make it happen.

Vision: By 2025 our projects will establish Global Gateways as a world leader in carbon negative solutions

Investments in Waste to Energy projects - At present, Global Gateways is working on two focus areas; one being waste to energy in UK and Saxony-Anhalt (Germany), and a second in the area of wind to energy with a wider EU focused scope with new global investments currently under review.

A standard sized waste to energy plant such as the plant being developed in Saxony-Anhalt will generate 84 MW electrical energy and 45 MW energy in the form of steam from 1 million tons waste a year, with the ability to store above 500.000 tons of CO2 per year, bringing extraordinary local and global environmental benefits.

Waste Treatment - Global Gateways S.A. presents itself as a real alternative to solving the problem of waste through a revolutionary waste to energy process. Our system develops state-of-art technologies never combined before, based on the potential of classifying and recycling municipal solid waste (MSW) to reuse it or convert it into clean electrical and thermal energy, while at the same time achieving an impressive negative balance of CO2.  

GG implemented technology will represent a step forward in waste management allowing a progressive reduction of landfills, eliminating methane emissions and the contamination of neighboring soils and waterways.

Renewable Energy Production - Global Gateways’ projects will initiate a evolution in the renewable energy sector with its carbon negative offerings as a realistic alternative to fossil fuel energy, supplying green low cost energy, decreasing CO2 emissions and increasing energy efficiency in local supplied industries and buildings.  

Agricultural productivity enhancement – As a result of the generation of energy in our waste to energy plants a by-product is obtained in the form of BioChar, which is a carbonized residue able to be used as fertilizer with a worldwide known productivity potential that improves soil’s quality, water and nutrients retention.

The biochar will be combined with GG produced algae and microbes to create tailor made soil enhancers for the agricultural sector, partly or totally replacing fossil fuel based fertilizers, and thereby providing environmental benefits by mitigating CO2 emissions, contamination of local soils and water resources.

BioChar is key to achieving a negative balance of CO2 - as it has been proven to retain the carbon during thousands of years, the most powerful tool available today to combat climate change. 

The qualified team at Global Gateways works together to develop their own patented technologies and achieve their goals according to the charter of the company; providing sustainable waste treatment, supplying efficiently low cost energy, fighting climate change and exploitation of renewable sources to reach global environmental benefits and provide a better legacy for the next generations.


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