Economic Impact​

Imagine a world of energy generation without the need for subsidies, whereas fossil fuel energy and conventional renewable energy rely upon subsidies, the Global Gateways waste to energy process does not need any subsidies to be profitable.

This is indeed a bold statement in an era of rapidly rising fossil fuel prices, energy from the Global Gateways waste to energy process is price competitive compared to fossil fuel generated energy.

What the world needs and the consumer demands is that energy prices no longer continue to increase as they have been over the last years. Energy is basic need for all, and the rising prices are putting huge amounts of stress on the pockets of working class families. Progress and growth depends on affordable energy, it is not unreasonable to expect that this is possible thanks to the generation of new ideas and processes. Our governments and the world’s leading companies have a responsibility to make this happen.

The Global Gateways technological process contribute towards stopping or reducing this trend of increasing energy prices, and we can do so with a carbon negative balance, offering a solution which takes into account the need for economic growth, the need for environmental protection and the need to achieve this taking into account social inclusion.

Energy efficiency Savings

The GG waste to energy plants maximize energy efficiency in the process, allowing our generated energy to be competitive. Related to the energy efficiency  our proposal is to create district heating and cooling networks to supply local households, companies and industries with cheap thermal energy, leading to savings for families or increasing the competitiveness and the profitability of companies and industries.

Reducing waste treatment costs

Global Gateways is able to offer important waste treatment savings to local governments, our highly efficient waste to energy process leads to reduced gate fees and treatment costs, again breaking the trend of increasing costs of treating waste due to stricter regulations. We reduce the burden on tax payers when it comes to waste treatment costs and free up the money for far more productive and important social issues, such as health, security and job creation.

Avoiding the cost of climate change related natural disasters

Most important of all is the cost of climate change, already the changing weather patterns are costing society trillions of euros every year, the longer we delay getting emission levels under control the more expensive it will become for all of us. In the long run with business as usual, the world’s economy will not be able to sustain the effects of global warming, leading to a collapse of the financial system, food shortages, revolutions and wars.

The road to a sustainable low carbon economy is urgent, the good news is that the solutions are already available, all that is needed is a already ongoing shift of paradigm from fossil fuels towards environmentally friendly solutions. 



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