Environmental Impact​

At all levels of society we are finally beginning to wake up and understand how the environment holds the key to our future livelihoods on this planet.  The destructive nature of the changing environmental weather patterns is already having devastating effects on our economy and our society in general.  Observations show heat is continuing to be trapped in increasing amounts by greenhouse gases, with over 90% disappearing into the oceans.

Leading scientists have recently said that unless emissions of greenhouse gases were cut, the planet would heat up by a minimum of 4ºC by 2100, twice the level the world's governments deem dangerous.

The good news is that the solutions already exist, however what we do need is a paradigm shift toward a decarbonised market with immediate effect, the damage already inflicted upon our natural environment is critical, the world needs to put all their efforts into reversing the trend of destruction and begin to prioritize nature and the natural eco-systems of the planet.

The vision of Global Gateways is far reaching and the technologies and projects provide all the tools needed to stop global warming and repair the damage to our natural eco-systems.

Reducing atmospheric CO2

To stop global warming we not only need to stop emitting carbon dioxide and equivalent emissions into the atmosphere, we need to reduce the content of these emissions already present, this we can be achieve in two ways:

  • The GG waste to energy process has a carbon negative effect, the pyrolysis of organic materials has the ability to retain for thousands of years, the CO2 content within the carbon char residue left over after the waste has been converted to energy. This organic material has previously absorbed CO2from the atmosphere, which is through the Pyrolisis process retained in the left over carbon char residue, thereby leading to a net reduction of CO2 in the atmosphere.
  • The second way to reduce the CO2 content in the atmosphere is through nature itself, trees and plants are still the best and quickest method for absorbing carbon dioxide from the air that surrounds us. This implies that our governments and our society not only need to put a stop to massive deforestation taking place, but just as importantly we need to accelerate efforts to reforest degraded land masses on a scale never dreamt of before. The recovery of barren unfertile land is key strategy towards the restoration of our natural habitats, capturing CO2 and restoring the natural balance of our planet.

Substituting fossil fuels

Substituting energy generated from fossil fuels is equally important on the road towards a low carbon economy. Our clean energy with a carbon negative balance, together with other renewable energy sources such as solar and wind, are perfectly suited to replacing coal, oil and gas as the primary source of energy supply. Cleaner energy sources lead to us breathing cleaner air, reduced groundwater pollution and a reduction of illness related to pollution.

Eliminating Landfills

The Global Gateways clean waste to energy process is as close to eliminating the need for landfilling as its possible to get leading to the avoidance of groundwater pollution, air pollution, odours, visual pollution and spread of diseases.

Recycling protects natural resources

The Global Gateways waste to energy process aims at maximizing re-use and recycling of natural resources such as aluminium, steel, precious metals glass and plastic. In this way we help to contribute towards a reduction in the mining of natural resources and the environmental impact associated to mining and production from raw materials. The carbon foot print of producing finished goods from mined raw material is significantly higher than when waste is recycled or re-used.


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