Global Gateways projects are based on the need to create solutions which remove CO2 from the atmosphere, they represent investments in a more sustainable future

A standard sized waste to energy plant by Global Gateways treats up to 1 million tons of waste per year depending on the type of waste. Usually when waste is incinerated or landfilled the result is emissions to the atmosphere, our pyrolysis technology sequesters the usually emitted emissions by storing these CO2 emissions in the carbon char generated during our waste to energy process, which leads to a carbon negative balance.  The carbon char is known to retain CO2 during thousands of years.

GG I – Waste to Energy in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany
Within the region of Saxony-Anhalt, Germany we are developing our industrial sized waste to energy plant that shall be treating 1 million tons of waste per year. The energy output for the plant is 85,5 MW electricity supplied to the national grid, and up to 48 MW thermal energy supplied to a local industrial company.


Saxony-Anhalt, Germany






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