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Renewable Energy - Global Gateways produce fossil fuel free energy with our waste to energy process

The Global Gateways waste to energy process produces fossil fuel free energy:

Electricity supplied to national grids
  • Low cost green renewable energy supplied to the national grid
  • Substitutes CO2 emitting fossil fuel energy
  • Reduces need to import fossil fuels for energy production

Electricity supplied to local Global Gateways independent grids
  • Lower sales price to end consumer compared to electricity prices from  companies selling through the national grid supply
  • Price stability versus national grid in the long run
  • Increased stability of supply of electricity due to production near local grids
  • Smart grid & Smart city concept: including supply of ultra-high speed internet
  • Production near point of consumption reduces energy losses related to transport of electricity, leading to energy efficiency
  • Local independent grid guarantees that you are paying for consumption of clean green energy & substituting the use of CO2 emitting fossil fuel for energy

District Heating and Cooling (Hot & Cold Water)
  • Reduction in energy costs related to hot water supply, heating and cooling for buildings and homes
  • More competitively priced than using electricity for heating and cooling
  • Leads to energy efficiency in buildings
  • Use of clean green energy & substituting use of CO2 emitting fossil fuels for energy


In locations where steam is needed, such as refineries or other industrial usages, Global Gateways is able to securely deliver the highest quality of steam with a performance warranty for quality and amount and delivery.