Farming and livestock produce around 14% of the world greenhouse gas emissions (IPCC 2007)


It is estimated that agricultural production will need to increase by 60% globally by 2050 to cope with a larger, more urban and wealthier population which raises concerns about the additional land and other resources that will need to be brought into production as well as the rise in GHG emissions from this sector.

Some of the environmental challenges related to feeding a growing world are:
  • Dependence on fossil fuel inputs (fertilizers, pesticides, equipment fuel, power)
  • CO2 increase caused by clearing forests in order to provide land for food and grazing
  • Methane released by livestock

Our solutions

Through the adoption of improved and more sustainable farm management practices, increased production per hectare can be achieved with the lowest of environmental impacts. Global Gateways aims to provide solutions which will help reduce the GHG emissions from growing crops and livestock farming.

Soil enhancement products from Global Gateways make sustainable agriculture a possibility. Our unique combination of biochar, algae and microbes increase soil fertility, as well as nutrient and water retention, leading to higher crop productivity while replacing the need for fossil fuel based fertilizers. The soil enhancers also enable the recovery of unfertile land for agricultural use and for sustainable grazing of livestock.

Our waste to energy technology will also be able to convert crop residues and livestock manure into clean energy thereby greatly reducing GHG emission associated.

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