Energy Supply​

Fossil fuels for electrical power generation is responsible for 26% of the annual greenhouse gas emissions. (IPCC 2007)


​Currently fossil fuels are the primary energy source for power production, accounting for 7.8 gigatons of CO2 per year (IPCC 2007). The electricity industry faces a series of challenges that will change the way that electricity is produced, distributed and used. World energy demand shows no signs of slowing; more than ever there is a need for a fundamental shift to energy systems which are reliable flexible and environmentally clean. The well-being of our people, industry and economy depends on safe, secure, sustainable and affordable energy. Failing to achieve a well-functioning energy market will only increase costs for consumers and put the countries competitiveness at risk.

our solution

The Global Gateways innovative waste to energy technology provides the world with alternative, reliable, low cost, and emission free renewable energy. The construction and operation costs are less than the costs related to coal, oil, gas or nuclear facilities. The GG solution can benefit both developing and developed countries to implement stable energy supply grids with lower costs in an environmentally friendly way.

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