Deforestation is the third main anthropological cause of GHG, accounting for the 17, 4% of global emissions (IPCC 2007)


​Today's forests capture 289 gigatons of carbon per year but due to deforestation and poor forest management, this capability is decreasing.
The deforestation of more than 9.5 million of hectares of forest annually decrease nature's ability to capture CO2 further increasing atmospheric greenhouse gas levels. By 2020-2030 over 13,8 billion tons of CO2 could be mitigated through proper afforestation and forest management practices (IPCC 2007).
There are 100 million people employed in the forestry sector that supports more than 1 billion people living in extreme poverty.  (FAO SFFCC).

our solution

Global Gateways is planning to invest in new reforestation and afforestation projects worldwide, with the objective of further reducing  CO2 content in the atmosphere, while at the same time helping local communities to prosper.
The tree is the most effective, affordable and highly profitable way to capture CO2. A mature tree can absorb between 10kg to 30kgs of CO2 per year; factors such as the light, water, soil properties, type of tree and its size influence the CO2 absorption. One option is using Kiri, a species of tree with a particularly high potential of CO2 capture, as it can capture up to ten times as much CO2 as other trees.
If our company plant and grow around 5 million fast growing trees e.g. Kiri per year and if one tree captures 1,5 tons of CO2 in 5 years, 25 million trees can achieve around 37,5 million tons in the same time period.
That’s the equivalent of Hong Kong’s annual emissions.



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