Industrial Energy accounts for 19.4% of total global greenhouse gas emissions. (IPCC 2007)


Industrial activities play an important role in the economic well-being world-wide. However, industrial activities also have a significant impact on the environment in terms of emissions. 14,4% of industrial GHG emissions are directly related to fuel combustion for industrial use, the remaining 5% is due to industrial processes.

The industrial sector offers tremendous opportunity for energy savings, in particular there are significant gains to be made from focusing on energy efficiency improvements within facilities, and at the same time many international organizations are stressing the need to find ways to substitute the use of emission emitting fossil fuels with renewable energy sources.

our solution

Global Gateways generates energy with a carbon negative balance from waste. This renewable energy can be delivered as electricity through the national grid or as thermal energy to local industries, replacing the use of fossil fuels, while at the same time improving on existing waste treatment solutions and reducing emissions from disposal of waste.

Industrial competitiveness is highly influenced by the price of energy, Global Gateways provides local industry with a clear benefit to their bottom line, derived from the supply of thermal energy at a lower cost than current fossil fuel sources and a lower environmental impact, reducing the need to purchase emission allowances.

Global Gateways emphasis on maximization of recycling all waste, leads to providing the industrial sector with recycled materials for their production process, leading to a reduced environmental impact, as emissions from processing recycled materials are substantially lower than mining raw material for the production of the same product.



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