Recycling & Waste Reduction
Waste recycle and re-use investment brings extraordinary benefits for climate change


Recycling and re-using municipal solid waste reduces the amount of greenhouse gas emissions released into the atmosphere, this is achieved by avoiding the  decomposition of the waste in landfills.

The environment also benefits from the consequent generation of green energy and the decrease in demand for mined raw materials. An important factor to consider is that the energy input needed to mechanically separate materials and re-manufacture products is much lower than the energy needed for making the same brand new products from mined raw materials. The problem is the lack of infrastructure for waste management in developing countries, even when it represents a great potential.

positive impact

The goal of ​Global Gateways is to invest in waste reduction and recycling solutions. We are working hard on generating low cost green energy with a negative CO2 balance. This hugely benefits the environment with the decrease of landfills and a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Our energy plants are being built to recycle various kinds of waste, such as plastic, glass, aluminum or steel.



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