Renewable Energy​
​In 2009, renewable energies supplied around 13.3% of primary energy in the world (IEA)


Improving renewable energies is one of the milestones of international administrations, foundations and organizations related with climate change. Proof of it is the European Union’s challenge for 2020 consisting on increase the share of renewable energy in final energy consumption to 20%. Dependency on fossil fuel based energies must be reduced in order to achieve more sustainable energy supplies and to be able to cover the increasing energy demand.
In 2011 the 19% of global energy consumption came from renewable sources (IEA, World Energy Statistics and BP Statistical Review of World Energy).
Renewable energies provide several advantages to face the global energetic problem:

  • Providing energy security and diversification of the energy mix, in terms of the technology and in terms of geographical sources.
  • Decreasing fossil fuels consumption and insulating the economy from fossil fuel price rises.
  • Decreasing greenhouse gases emissions helping to mitigate climate change.
  • Reducing dependence of developed and developing countries on fossil fuels.


Global Gateways creates reliable, efficient and sustainable environmentally friendly energy. Our team is developing the implementation of an energy plant based on a carbon negative waste-to-energy process, transforming Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) into low cost, fossil fuel free, energy in the form of electrical and thermal energy.

Generated electricity will be supplied to national grids and to independent grids of GG, decreasing costs related to energy, green house gas emissions and dependence on fossil fuel based energies. Furthermore, GG will offer a greater stability on energy prices and supply.

Thermal energy will be used for district heating and cooling for buildings and homes decreasing the energy costs related to hot water supply, heating and cooling.



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