Sustainable Agriculture​
Agricultural emissions, represent around 14 % of the world’s GHG emissions IPCC 2007 


There is a need to expand agricultural use to satisfactorily supply growing human population, but there are many challenges to face such as the competition of land for urban growth, industrial development, environmental reserves and other areas which are not readily accessible or have poorer quality. The effects of climate change also imply significant changes in water availability and possible shifts in production zones (OECD-FAO). Sustainable agricultural practices are vital to adapt to the challenges we are faced with due to increased population and the effects of climate change.

Positive Impact

Global Gateways is here to develop and market a real solution based on sustainable agriculture practices through CO2 mitigation displacing synthetic fossil fuel based fertilizers and capturing carbon in the soil with our own combination of fertilizer products in the form of microbes, algae and biochar as described in the links below.

The result for farmers will be increased quality and increased productivity compared to traditional fertilizers with lower costs and reducing the carbon food print of their process, likewise, GG solutions will include converting large areas of unfertile land into productive land improving forestation and rural development.

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