The transport sector is responsible for 13,1% of the annual greenhouse gas emissions. IPCC 2007


The transport sector has an important part to play in achieving Greener Growth. Modifying mobility patterns is possible and arguably useful, but the upward pressure from higher incomes and larger populations on the demand for mobility is very large. This makes technological change the key for reducing emissions, there is an urgent need to produce the energy differently – i.e. with low, zero carbon or even carbon negative technologies.

With road transport the absolute largest emitter the challenge for governments worldwide is to promote alternative vehicles, particularly electric cars as a strategy to decarbonise transport, followed by investment in high speed rail as a central element, aiming to shift passenger traffic from cars and short distance aviation flight.

our solutions

Global Gateways energy from waste with a carbon negative carbon balance is the ideal technology to provide the world with alternative, reliable, low cost alternatives to fossil fuel based transport fuels.

Whether it is carbon negative electricity to power the up and coming electric car sector and high speed rail sector, or if it is carbon negative diesel from waste, GG technologies are capable of taking waste and converting it to various types of energy, hereby complementing the green growth agendas set by governments towards a decarbonized transport sector.

And with a forecast of a 67% increase in electrified vehicle production globally in 2014 the world appears ready to take the next step.



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