Waste Management​
​The waste sector accounts for 2,8 % of GHG emissions and waste generation increases by 9% every year.


Waste and landfill areas are a serious problem for the environment, current waste practices are no longer sustainable. Waste leads to the pollution of ground water, soil, and air and causes the harmful release of greenhouse gases. In fact, post-consumer waste contributes to around 2.8% of total global GHG emissions.

Worldwide there is a growing concern about the unprecedented scale and speed of environmental pollution and degradation, and the depletion of natural resources. Consequently the cost of waste treatment is substantial (global average €50 a ton, in EU €80 a ton) and stricter legislation is constantly been introduced to encourage more sustainable solutions.

Adequate waste treatment practices have a significant role to play when solving these issues, and waste is a sector where important cost and emission reductions can easily be achieved.


Our solutions

Global Gateways waste-to-energy process is an innovative solution integrating well-proven and tested components, and provides local governments and industries with the most complete waste treatment solution available today. The benefits from a waste perspective of the Global Gateways solution are:

  • Diverse fuel, all types of waste can be treated within the same process.
  • Our patented solution increases recycling efficiency, achieving 55-85% depending on waste type, fully compliant with the EU Directive 1999/31/EC
  • Increased recycling and re-use reduces need of mining natural resources with the high associated emissions and environmental impact
  • Energy efficient conversion of the waste to energy
  • Substantial waste treatment savings for local governments
  • No landfill required, no need to take up scarce and costly land
  • Pollution of air, ground and water associated to landfills are avoided
  • The waste to energy process has a carbon negative emission balance

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