​Energy Generation Process
Global Gateways waste to energy technology efficiently generates clean energy from waste having previously recycled any materials which can be reprocessed for re-use.

Global Gateways waste to energy technology generates renewable energy which goes a long way to reduce the carbon foot print of the energy sector, by offering alternatives to fossil fuel based energy production and other waste treatment solutions which pollute the environment.

Having started with an initial waste feedstock, the gasification will by now have generated a hydrogen rich gas suitable for conversion to electrical and thermal energy within a traditional combined cycle (CC) power plant. A CC plant includes a gas turbine, a boiler that produces steam for a steam turbine.

The electricity will be evacuated through direct lines, local and national grids providing our electricity customers direct savings and the thermal energy will be distributed through a local district heating and cooling network, supplying local companies and industry with energy efficiency savings.

Global Gateways has for a standard medium sized plant design, chosen the Siemens SGT-600 gas turbine, which is an extremely reliable gas turbine and a model with over 30 years of operational experience on the market.

The turbine hot exhaust gas feeds the boiler alternatively known as a Heat Recovery Steam Generator (“HRSG”) units for heat recovery and steam generation

The steam is converted to electrical energy in a Siemens steam turbine for more power generation in a combined cycle configuration, and thereby maximizing the energy efficiency output of the plant.

The Siemens gas turbine provides risk reducing flexibility as it is able to operate using both natural gas and our hydrogen rich gas as its fuel.


The Pre-Treatment Process


Pyrolisis & Refinery Process


Energy Generation Process






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