Pyrolisis & Refinery Process
​Global Gateways core technology enables a highly efficient gasification of the organic feedstock (cellulose fiber), resulting in the generation of a clean hydrogen rich gas with a high heating value, a stable fuel gas which is suitable for energy generation in a combined cycle.

Global Gateways waste to energy plants are able to handle and treat most types of waste in large quantities; including the most acidic types of waste, providing local municipalities, farmers and industries with the necessary flexibility and economies of scale to almost completely eliminate landfills and reduce their waste treatment costs.  

Pyrolysis: The process begins with the feedstock insertion into the pyrolysis reactors, (first stage of the Fischer-Tropsch process) the combination of no oxygen within and the temperatures ranging between 400ºC and 800ºC causes the carbonaceous feedstock material to slowly decompose until a high energy fuel gas is generated.

Cracking: As a consequence of the previous pyrolysis process, there will be some residual of oils and tars which are not completely gasified, they are in this stage subjected to a cracking process very similar to a refinery which break down the hydrocarbons into additional fuel gas.

The only other by-products after pyrolysis and cracking are a carbon residue in the form of biochar and the removed impurities using wet scrubbers. All acid components, sulfur, chlorine and heavy metals are removed.  

Membranes & Steam Reformation: The fuel gas generated by the pyrolysis and cracking process undergo further treatment as it passes through membranes that seperate loong and short hydrocarbon chains, where the longer hydrocarbon chains undergo steam reformation thereby further increasing the hydrogen portion of the gas as well as increase the final heating value of the gas.

The end result is a hydrogen rich gas which is environmentally cleaner and with a significantly higher heating value compared to competing waste to energy processes. 

​A comparison of Global Gateways technology with incineration technology is available upon request 

Competitive Advantage: The main factors which give Global Gateways a competitive advantage over other technologies is:

    Global Gateways technology is flexible and can handle any type of feedstock within the same unit, without needing downtime to adapt the equipment to a change of feedstock

    Global Gateways technology have proven not to be sensible to the acid content of waste as is the case with incinerators, thereby avoiding high maintenance costs and downtime incurred by incinerators.  

    Global Gateways technology when compared to incineration reduces emissions to a minimum and does not register emissions of the highly toxic dioxins or furans associated to incineration of waste.


The Pre-Treatment Process


Pyrolisis & Refinery Process


Energy Generation Process






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