What can I do?

Climate change can seem such a global and big problem that any personal effort would be unnoticed. But this couldn´t be further from the truth.

In fact there are many things all of us can do to help the environment.  It begins understanding the environmental impact of our current lifestyle.

For example, a good starting point would be to know the sources where the energy we use comes from. Is it renewable or not? If it is not, we are seriously contributing on increasing greenhouse gas emissions.

Times of change have arrived, but how can we change things?
Simple commitments can help us to contribute on climate change’s mitigation turning us in participants of the change and helping to build a more aware society.

Commitment 1: Reduce, recycle and reuse

Commitment 2: Buy minimally packaged goods and use reusable bags for shopping

Commitment 3: Increase energy efficiency in your house (Plug air leaks in windows and doors, adjust the thermostat according efficient temperatures, do not leave items on standby, wash clothes with cold water, use low consumption bulbs, etc.)

Commitment 4: Support green energies, technologies and products

Commitment 5: Keep connected and informed

Commitment 6: Build environmentally aware social communities

Commitment 7: Plant a tree

Commitment 8: Support political candidates who support environmental policies



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