Entrepreneur - What can I do?
Entrepreneurs hold the key to changing the way business is done. They are the one who can revolutionize the current business structure adapting it to a more sustainable way of working.

Below some ideas that entrepreneurs can develop and implement to refocus your business into a more environmental friendly company.

  1. Engaging Business to reduce carbon emissions, to protect your resources and ensure the sustainability of your business (food security, human health, pollutants, etc.)
  2. Adopting a “Responsible use” across every sector of business
  3. Adopting “Responsible practices” in your business:
  • printing double-sided
  • using recycled paper
  • using reusable cups, knives, forks and spoons
  • adapting the air conditioners and heating solutions to optimal conditions avoiding high consumptions of energy
  • travel efficiently, avoiding unneeded travel and using the most efficient transport in each case
  • considering carpooling
  • training the staff according to best environmental practices
  • calculating the carbon footprint of the company and establishing decrease targets
  • integrating climate friendly criteria into decision making
  • getting energy efficient and switching, when it is possible, to low carbon energies


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