Industry - what can I do?

​Industry represents the base of economic development and is responsible for 19% of global GHG emissions. Thereby, their commitment with the environment is extremely important. Industries over the world must readapt their traditional operation system to new and more sustainable one.

Nowadays, new practices, techniques and processes have been developed in order to achieve the environmental targets established by international organizations. Some tips to greening industries are shown below:

  1. Engaging Industry to reduce carbon emissions, to protect the resources and ensure the sustainability of industry (food security, human health, pollutants, etc.)
  2. Adopting a “Responsible use” across every sector of industry
  3. Adopting “Responsible practices”:
    • training the staff according to best environmental practices
    • calculating the carbon footprint of the industry and establishing reduction targets
    • integrating climate friendly criteria into decision making
    • getting energy efficient and switching, when it is possible, to low carbon energies
    • improving offsets and green technologies
  4. Adopting agreements with public institutions ensuring that governments know the current state of industries and control the compliance of the environmental targets or parameters
  5. Make a commitment to reduce the carbon footprint
  6. Develop and implement an Environmental Plan establishing where the industry is and where it want to be pointing the greatest environmental impacts and the main improvements that can be developed


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