What can we do?​

Municipalities can benefit from Global Gateways carbon negative solutions in multiple ways. First and foremost we are ready to help local governments improve their waste management practices to comply with increasingly stricter environmental regulations, solving emissions and problems associated to landfills recycling all types of waste into renewable low cost energy and useful by-products.

Global Gateways is ready to provide the investment needed to carry out the waste to energy projects in your local area, the situation today is that local waste management companies are partly or completely owned by the local government. An investment by Global Gateways to establish a waste to energy plant not only reduces the amount of the tax money invested in updating present waste management plants, but our plants charge for lower gate fees for treatment of the waste, thereby freeing more tax money to be spent on more worthwhile causes for the benefit of their citizens.

Not only can our waste to energy plants offer savings related to waste treatment, we can also offer our energy at a price which is lower than market pool price to the local municipal owned electricity companies. These savings can be passed on to local companies thereby helping the local economy or increase the competitiveness of the local utility company.

Another important factor is that by generating electricity locally we can help stabilize the electricity supply in local areas. One of the current headaches of local government utility companies is the national grid instability in certain areas of countries, this is especially true for example in the southern areas of Germany.

Our plants will work in CHP mode combining heat and power production, a natural consequence is the investment in local district heating and cooling networks, providing energy efficiency savings to local residents and business and helping governments comply with the 20/20/20 objective of reducing emissions, improving energy efficiency and renewable energy production.

Citizens are increasingly demanding that local and national governments take action to protect the environment and show a commitment towards a low carbon economy and fighting global warming. Green votes is increasingly a major decision factor for governments when planning an election campaign, a carbon negative waste to energy plant offering environmental benefits and economic savings to local municipal coffers is a win win decision for all parties involved.

Global Gateways is currently in talks to carry out projects in new locations for the development and implementation of more Waste-to-Energy plants and bring environmental and economic benefits in several of the continents  of the world.



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