A unique waste to energy solution

Patented waste to energy process – Maximizing energy extraction from all types of waste by combining the separation of waste, with a pyrolysis and refinery process, before conversion to energy in a gas turbine. A process capable of delivering more economic and environmental benefits than competing practices available today.

Economic Benefits - Global Gateways waste to energy plants do not depend on subsidies to produce energy at a lower cost than competing fossil fuel technologies. The cost of waste treatment is reduced compared to competing solutions available today.

Environmental Benefits - Addressing the challenge of climate change, our carbon negative waste to energy process stores high amounts of CO2 in the ground. Global Gateways waste to energy plants provide solutions which substitute fossil fuels, eliminate landfills and protect natural resources.

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Why should you care?

Global temperatures over the last 30 years have been above the 20th century average. Formerly one-off extreme weather events seem to be becoming the new normal.
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our goal

Grass and flowersHuman health is under serious threat from the interlinked issues of nutrition, food security and climate change. Our goal is to provide a multi disciplinary approach to address these problems.
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