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Global Gateways - creating carbon negative solutions and comitted to create clean renewable energy from waste with our Co2 negative plant

Global Gateways (GG) provides the world with Carbon Negative Solutions aimed at reducing GHG emissions and resolving climate change related challenges.

Emission reduction and control is the top political, economic and social agenda globally. The world needs alternative low cost and emission free renewable energy sources to substitute fossil fuels and overcome CO2 derived global warning and climate change.

GG is located in Brussels, Luxembourg and Malaga, we are proud to present the world’s first industrial sized carbon negative power plants for the production of renewable energy from waste. Our proven tested and patented technological solution is ready to be implemented, at present there are two locations with projects in the process of applying for planning permission.

Carbon Negative Waste to Energy Plant

The picture represents the plant located in Málaga, Spain.

The first two 50 MW commercially sized projects are located in Malaga, Spain and Zeitz, Germany where we will:


The Global Gateways waste-to-energy process recycles waste of all types resulting in the production of low cost environmentally friendly energy.

A state of the art recycling process aiming to maximize sustainable use of natural resources, while converting left over non-recyclable waste into energy, supplying electricity as well as district heating and cooling.

The by-product of the whole process is Biochar – we employ a process of scrubbing that remove a portion of the char, once scrubbed it is an organic fertilizer which increases soil fertility and it is proven to raise agricultural productivity.